Technology fun – Web 2.0

I am having fun discovering the constantly changing world of technology. The whole idea of Web 2.0 is amazing. We are able to connect and make friends globally, find those long lost friends from high school and maybe grade school, and network with individuals all over the globe. I am learning so much and having such a good time exploring what Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry apps, and blogging all have to offer. I find myself getting so intertwined with what is new that I just lose time and before I know it 5 hours have gone by, I have not had a thing to eat and my eyes are glazed over from looking at my computer screen or my Blackberry screen.

My goal is to share interesting information I find whether it’s the cyberworld or the real world as well as providing a window to Tamiko and All Things Simple. I hope to provide tips that will be useful, interviews with various professionals who provide services for anything that can be tied to the wedding and event industry. These business owners will share their insight and views on upcoming trends as well as useful tips. I am also considering a question of the week in order to incorporate a two-way conversation.

So, I hope you all travel along with me on this tech journey as I apply it to weddings, special occasions, marketing, and several more of my favorite things.

Please feel free to share your comments and let’s make this a two conversation.

Thank you for stopping by:)